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Visual Reminder

Visual Reminder is designed to keep track and remind you of important events before they occur. It will prove to be a valuable tool for remembering important dates such as birthdays, bill payments, meetings, public holidays, and anything else you can think of.

Visual Reminders is not your every day reminder program. It keeps your events date and reminds you before you will miss anything important. The program's key features are:

Easy to use

Visual Reminder does not require any kind of investment in learning the program. You will be able to use immediately after install. User interface is very clear and supports the common ideology with many other programs.

Simple events entry

You need to enter only name, date and some basic information about event when you add new reminder. Simple but powerful schedule manager allows you easy setup event's recurrence. Also, you can add any additional information about events, but this is not necessary.

Clear data view

Presentation of information about your events is simple, but you are able to read current status of each reminder in one look. Graphical representation allows you to find all events that require your attention. The Days Until column provides you information how many time do you have before you have to do something.

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