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AD Search&Replace

AD Search&Replace is a useful Windows 95/98/NT utility which gives you a powerful and friendly tool to find files having a common text across directories and drives on your computer or on computers in a local network. You can easily apply file-spec, date, and size filters to speed up the search. It also allows you to replace strings. Specify your search-and-replace strings, and then choose the action you'd like to take. This utility also can search (not replace!) files in ZIP archives.


Context search and replace

If you specified a search string then the AD Search&Replace filters only those containing search string files. Also, if you turn on the Delete or Replace method, program deletes search string in found files or replaces it by replace string.

Quick opening files

To open found file, simply select it in search result list and click on Open button. AD Search&Replace starts an association with this file application and loads file in it. If you don't need to open file but you want to copy, rename, move or delete it - just click on Goto button and program starts Windows Explorer at opened file location.

Search filters

To make search result smaller and relevant use of additional filters. The first filter is a file mask. You also may set limits on file size and last file modified date.

Search in archives

If you have many archives and you don't know in which archive a needed file is placed, turn on the Include archives option and AD Search&Replace checks all found archives containing your file. Context search is available in this mode. Supports all ZIP archives.

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