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AD MailBox Manager

What's new in version 2.6.1


The basic internet protocol related library was updated by newer version. Some minor bugs was fixed in mails processing. Also replaced some interface icons.

Bug fix:

Commands lock after view multiple mails was fixed. Also was fixed Alt-key bug under Windows Vista (some controls disapearing on Alt pressing).

What's new in version 2.6


Now you can selecvt the time periods in which the AD MailBOx Manager doesn't must check mail. This feature is useful to avoid a check mail then the mail server is maintenanceing or then you doesn't read mail (on the week-end for example).


The Reset check interval option was added. This option allows you to force AD MailBox Manager to reset the check interval after you recheck mail manually or the recheck was occured after you delete a messages.


The confirmation on vieweing a large number of messages was added. This feature allows you to avoid the opening a many messages by mistake. In the Settings dialog you can set a minimal number of messages that required confirmation to view.

Bug fix:

The some bugs was fixed. The critical bug is the invisible some messages that have wrong address. The minor interface bug is the wrong mesages count showing after deletion.

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